Automobile Collisions


Most of us drive and all of us interact with automobiles. Automobile collisions can turn your life upside down. You can be left with injuries, pain, and without transportation. On top of that, your injuries may take days to years to heal. Sometimes the injuries never fully heal. They require medical treatments that take time. You may not be able to work or worse may be left disabled.

Washington State requires everyone to have car insurance. Many drivers don’t. And if they do, make no mistake that the automobile insurance industry is in the business of helping itself and is not there to take care of you. They have lawyers on staff to fight you and to fight your claim. They have well trained claims representatives to get you to settle your claim as quickly as possible to minimize the money you get. Often people settle for way less than they are entitled to leaving them without the resources they need to recover.

I work hard for my clients to stand up to the insurance industry and to level the playing field. I take over the stress and work of handling your claim so you can focus on healing and recovering. I fight to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

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