Common Causes Of Car Wrecks In Washington

Common Causes Of Car Wrecks In Washington Lawyer, Burien City

In this article, you can discover:

  • How seemingly harmless distractions, like your cell phone, can lead to serious injuries in car accidents across Washington State.
  • The intricacies of determining fault in personal injury cases and how your pre-existing health conditions might be used in these proceedings.
  • Strategies to confidently handle insurance claims, understand when to provide statements, and decide if a separate lawyer for car damage claims is necessary.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Car Wrecks In Washington State?

Distractions, particularly from cell phones, are one of the most frequent cause of car accidents in Washington State. Drivers often fail to pay attention until it’s too late, resulting in collisions.

What Are The Most Common Injuries Sustained In Car Wrecks?

Injuries from car wrecks vary, depending on the nature of the collision. However, neck, back, and head injuries are usually prevalent in rear-end collisions.

How Is Fault Determined In Car Wrecks In Washington State?

In Washington State, a jury determines the fault in a car accident, guided by the evidence presented during the trial. This will depend upon the evidence or whether one party admits fault.

Are Neck Injuries Common In Car Wrecks And Are They Hard To Prove In A Personal Injury Case?

Neck injuries are quite common in car wrecks due to the forces exerted on the neck during collisions. Proving these injuries can be tricky as they are often based on self-reports of pain, and MRI evidence may not always be available to show the full extent of the damage.

Can Pre-Existing Conditions Or Injuries Be Used Against Me In A Personal Injury Case?

Despite the legal protection that a claimant should be taken as they were at the time of injury, insurance companies may attempt to argue that the injuries were pre-existing or a normal part of aging. Therefore, your credibility becomes critical in such cases.

Does Wearing A Seatbelt Affect My Chances Of A Monetary Recovery If I’m Injured In A Wreck?

In Washington State, whether or not you were wearing a seatbelt at the time of an accident doesn’t impact the assessment of a monetary recovery.

Do I Have To Give The Insurance Company A Recorded Statement After A Car Wreck?

You are obligated to cooperate with your own insurance company, which can include providing a recorded statement. However, there’s no obligation to provide a statement to the other party’s insurance company.

How Do I Pay For Medical Treatment If I’m Injured In A Car Wreck?

If you have health insurance or medical payment coverage under your car insurance, it can help pay for treatment. If not, some providers may treat on a lien, postponing the bills until a result is reached in your claim.  You will be responsible to pay the bills no matter what the outcome of your claim.

Who Is Responsible For Paying For The Car Damage In A Personal Injury Case?

Although the at-fault driver is ultimately responsible for paying, it’s often recommended to let your insurance company handle the payment initially. Your insurer can then pursue repayment from the other driver’s insurance company.

Do I Need A Separate Attorney For My Car Damage Claim In A Personal Injury Case?

Usually, a separate attorney for car damage claims is unnecessary. Most personal injury attorneys will guide you through the property damage claim process without charging extra, as such fees could detract from the funds meant for car repairs.

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