Possible ‘electrical fire’ may have burned Issaquah family out of home

An Issaquah family lost everything when their house burned nearly to the ground.

It happened after they called the power company to deal with an electrical short.

Puget Sound Energy was on site on 245th Ave Southeast in Mirrormont near Issaquah last Saturday. That’s when the family said what appeared to be a short in the electrical system exploded into flames.

A man, his son and the family dog escaped with their lives and little else. The fire was intense and it devasted a home that the family had lived in for more than 20 years.

Gordy Fields said it took a minute and a half for his home of two decades to erupt in flames.

“And a minute and a half or even five minutes when you’re playing goes by really, really fast,” he said. “But when you’re standing, watching your life burn, it’s the longest five minutes of your life.”

Fields, his 10-year-old son and the family dog were in separate rooms when the fire started… Read More

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