Anticipating Combat & Dilute Tactics Used By Insurance Companies

Anticipating Combat & Dilute Tactics Used By Insurance Companies Lawyer, Burien CityIf your case is solid from the outset, you have less to worry about, especially if you partner with a personal injury lawyer. The combat and delay tactics used by insurance in a claim will ultimately have less of an impact on your case. There are several simple things you can do on your own to facilitate this, however.

Engage with the other person’s insurance company as little as possible. You have to talk to your own insurance company but talk to the other insurance company as little as possible. Stay off of social media. Ask your friends and family not to post about you on social media because doing so can quickly destroy your case. Do what your doctor tells you to do, and be consistent both with your treatment and what you tell the doctors. Do not try to make your claim bigger by exaggerating how hurt you are. Be honest. This will go miles to help hold up your case.

I have seen cases undermined by medical records and social media posts that were inconsistent with the claimant's statement. The best way to combat these tactics is to be honest – and in many ways, less is more. The less information available, the less there is that can be used against you. We can easily fight the combat and dilute tactics used by insurance in a claim with the truth, but the moment that something shows you doing something you claimed to be unable to do, your case is destroyed. I once had a client who, unfortunately, had their case end this way…

The insurance company's lawyer was asking him questions. My client had been complaining about a knee injury supposedly from a collision. In the midst of the questioning, the lawyer showed a picture of him on a date the day after the crash. It was a picture uploaded to someone else's Facebook account. In the photo, he was sprawled out in the snow with skis on. It had a comment that said, "Dude, that was wicked. How's your knee?"

So, be aware that everything you put online is available. If something out there can undermine your case, you must immediately let your lawyer know.

Why You Need An Attorney

By hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer, you get years of knowledge on your side – and someone to help guide you through the process. You need someone to tell you the objective realities of your case so you can understand whether your case is worth more or less than you think. Although hiring an attorney does not guarantee things will go exactly as you want, it ensures a much higher probability of so. Beyond this, it causes the insurance company to take your claim seriously. They more than likely will not if you represent yourself.

Fortunately, I have been doing this for two decades. I have handled hundreds upon hundreds of cases. Along the way, I have seen many of the above-mentioned tactics employed. I know how to gather the information necessary to combat the insurance company's tactics. I have learned much from other lawyers who are more experienced. I know how to help people navigate the insurance process. I know how to help them get health insurance to kick in when their auto insurance runs out for their medical payments so their care is not interrupted.

What Sets My Firm Apart

My experience of 20 years is deeper than many others, and my passion for helping my clients is even deeper than my experience. As such, I keep my caseload manageable so I can dedicate an appropriate amount of time and focus to each case I handle. Nothing is worse than having too many clients and being unable to serve them properly. Motivations aside, many law firms are guilty of this. With a smaller caseload, I have the mental bandwidth I need to employ various techniques that fit the context of a specific case. Many other law firms do not have this advantage because they are so overburdened that they must use a one size fits all approach. Others are settlement mills, meaning they aim to settle your case for whatever they can get and move on. My goal is to get you the best I can. Sometimes that makes me the bearer of bad news. Still, other times I get much more for my clients because I take more time and unique approaches to each person's specific claim than many other lawyers do.

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