An Electrical Fire Injury Claim Case StudyIn this article, you will learn…

  • Why even professionals can be negligent.
  • What happens in serious electric shock cases.
  • What evidence can be used in electric injury claims.

What’s One Of The More Severe Electric Fire Injury Cases Our Firm Has Handled?

One case we handled at Matthew R. Hale Attorney at Law, PLLC involved an accident on a farm that had damaged feeder electrical cables that powered the farm housing. The electrician presented a bid to fix it which included the price of getting a permit and inspection and doing a proper repair. The landlord did not want to pay that much, so they decided to forgo the permit and inspection to simply dig it up, splice it, and bury it.

Because of these shortcuts, the installation was not proper, and there was no means of disconnect between the power line and the house. The wiring ended up feeding to a post in the middle of the driveway – meaning the electrician did not take any effort to protect the system from being struck by vehicles.

The farm worker ended up striking the electrical post and caused a surge throughout the home which then caused an electrical fire while two small children were sleeping inside. Their father jumped in to save them and got them outside through the window. They were all severely burned, the home went up in flames, and the two children ended up dying in the hospital. The father survived but with scarring all over his body.

The case was filed against the landowner and the electrician. Our firm hired an electrical engineer and a fire investigator to come in and sift through every square inch of the scene. The defense had professionals investigating, too. Both inspected the entire electrical system on the property and inspected the home to determine as best they could where the fire happened and what caused it.

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