Unpacking The Personal Injury Recovery Process In Washington

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Many challenges present themselves along the personal injury recovery process in Washington, but the biggest challenge is perhaps the battle for time and resources. This is especially true of people who suffer injury due to a collision

Many people tend to run out of these two necessities – time and money – and doing so means they run out of the ability to pay for treatment. This greatly hinders their ability to do necessary things to recuperate, such as taking time off of work and getting childcare. Insurance companies know that time is their friend, not yours. They also know that people get desperate as time goes on. With this, the likelihood a person settles cheap increases.

Remember: You Must Protect Yourself During The Claims Process

Before beginning the personal injury recovery process in Washington, it is critical to understand that you have the burden of proof. Therefore, gathering evidence is of paramount importance. For example, if you are in an automobile collision, find out who hit you. Getting a picture of the other’s driver’s license and finding out where they live will also go far to clear you of any fault. Remember to gather evidence that answers the simple questions: who, where, when, why, and how.

It is also important to get medically checked as soon as possible. The fact that you were injured and the extent of your injuries are proven through the medical records. This can be challenging because you must handle several matters, such as making appointments, paying for healthcare, and taking time off work. It is vital that you obtain the appropriate healthcare early as it can make the difference in both physically recovering from your injuries and obtaining a financial recovery.

Prior to all of this, it is essential to have a competent insurance broker who can help you get the insurance policies you need in place. There are insurance policies to pay for your medical expenses while being treated and pursuing a claim against the insurance company of the at fault party. In addition, there are policies that can protect you if you are hit by an uninsured driver, as well as policies that help cover lost wages. These simple protections help make life easier while waiting for the other driver’s insurance company to cover your expenses.

It is essential that you listen to and follow the directions of the medical providers, who are helping you recover from your injuries. Not following the instructions and treatment plans gives the other side an argument that you did not mitigate your damages.

Its also important to limit how much information you share with the rest of the world about the incident in which you were injured, your injuries and the care you are receiving. It only takes one bad social media post to derail your entire case. Insurance companies will fight hard to get access to your social media posts to get any information that may help them not pay you.

Insurance companies will go to great lengths to get data and recordings of your health. Think of your Apple Watch or Fitbit: these devices are constantly recording metrics associated with your health, and insurance companies and their lawyers want to get that information. These things can and will be used against you, so be mindful of how you use them upon suffering an injury from a collision.

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